The best ingredients for an enjoyable evening are good company and great food. Italians know this, and live by that formula. Following in this rich tradition, Italiannies is a place where families and friends gather together during dining time, sharing delectable dishes and stories of the day – in a simple celebration of life, and living.

With its welcoming authentic Italian ambience - from a unique continental façade, to sepia-toned photographs decorating the walls, lacey curtains and dark wooden furniture, plus the aroma of freshly cooked food emanating from its open kitchen - Italiannies makes guests feel right at home. The amiable staff and A'more di Merrier shared presentation menu concept complete the dining experience; it's a true family affair.

Category: Italian-American, Casual Dining // Brand Promise: Every Guest Leaves Happy //
Brand Essence: Food is a Celebration of Life //