A meat and spice paradise that keeps tongues wagging, Bulgogi Brothers specializes in
Korean cuisine and bulgogi.

Bulgogi refers to barbecued meat, the most popular form of gogigui or Korean barbecue. The word itself literally means 'fire meat' in Korean.

Opening its first restaurant in Gang-nam, Seoul, Korea in October 2006, Bulgogi Brothers has gone on to provide gourmands with high quality meat dishes at over 50 branches spread across South Korea,
the Phillippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada and United Kingdom.

In 2012, Bulgogi Brothers was awarded the prestigious -- Brands Award by the government of South Korea for Best Korean Restaurant.

At Bulgogi Brothers, guests can feast on different kinds of bulgogi dishes right at their tables which have built-in induction cookers. Aside from bulgogi, rice dishes (bibimbap),
stew (jjigae) and noodles are also served.

Category: Korean, Casual Dining // Brand Promise: Contemporary Korean Dining Experience //
Brand Essence: Treating Our Guests Like Honored Guests in Our Own Home //
Number of Restaurants: 1 in Malaysia and 1 in Indonesia